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Consumer Hazard Notice

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REMEMBER, no matting or equipment can completely eliminate the possibility of injuries.

Read this document and all other accompanying product documentation thoroughly before installing, using or permitting use of this equipment. Require all persons intending to use this equipment, as well as those instructing or coaching users, assisting users and/or spotting users to read this document thoroughly before you authorize equipment to be utilized for any purpose.



A possibility of serious injury, including paralysis or death, is inherent in any activity involving motion or height. Equipment with which this notice is included is intended for use only by properly trained, qualified persons under supervised conditions. Use without proper supervision is dangerous and should not be undertaken or permitted. Know your limitations as well as the limitations of your equipment. Consult a qualified instructor before attempting any new activity or skill. This equipment must be used with proper mats, spotting equipment and qualified spotters for each activity or skill. Use this equipment only for its intended purpose. Do not modify equipment in any way. Inspect each component for damage, loose fittings or signs of wear before each use. Do not use if you have any concern as to the condition of this equipment. Test unit for stability prior to each use. Do not use if you have any concern about the stability, condition or suitability of this equipment. Inspect warning labels and replace when marred or damaged. Before each subsequent use, re-check equipment stability and settings.

Do not attempt to repair damaged or worn equipment/components yourself. Contact the manufacturer to arrange for proper repair or replacement by a qualified professional.

If you have questions regarding this notification or do not completely understand any part of it, contact the manufacturer immediately. Do not use or permit use of this equipment until all such issues are resolved. Manufacturer shall not be liable or responsible for personal injury or property damage incurred through use or misuse of this equipment.


This equipment is not a toy and is not designed or intended to be used for play. This product is solely intended for exercise and/or training under the supervision of a qualified instructor. This equipment is not a child care article and may not be used for sleeping, feeding, sucking, teething or any other purposes, without exception.


Equipment sold is warrantied for a period of 1 year from the date of invoice against faulty manufacturing or defects in materials for mats and padding. The seller’s sole obligation under this warranty shall be to repair at its option or replace at its expense, any defective part or parts. Material claimed defective must be returned PREPAID to us for examination. Breakage caused by extreme usage will not be covered as it does not constitute defective material or faulty workmanship.


Equipment and mats require frequent cleaning to maintain hygiene. A variety of products can be used, including our brand of Vinyl Cleaner & Disinfectant. For matting or equipment that has been exposed to bodily fluids or has been completely saturated with water or other liquid, we recommend proper disposal and replacement. No cleaning methods can completely remove bodily fluid borne pathogens or mold and mildew from exposure to liquids. Continuing to use equipment after these types of exposures is hazardous.


 California consumers please note, products included with this order may require a California Prop 65 Warning. These warnings are attached to the outside packaging of all our shipments within California. If you have any questions or concerns, please review all of the California Prop 65 Warnings listed on our website at www.norberts.net or call our office at (800) 779-1904.

CLICK HERE for complete California Prop 65 warning.

Revise 4/11/19