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Skill Cushions & Pits


We don’t believe you can buy a better skill cushion, competition mat or landing pit than those manufactured by Norbert’s. Compare our design features to others’ and we are sure you will agree.

All skill cushions and pits utilize Norbert’s layered filler foam so should replacement be necessary, only the damaged section need be replaced. Larger pit filler foam sections are channeled to enable controlled air dispersion thus providing optimal energy absorption and an extremely forgiving landing.

Landing pits feature Norbert’s original totally removable zipperless top--the first major innovation in pit technology in over 20 years.

Norbert's competition landing mats conform and comply with all national and international specifications.

All Norbert's landing mats and pits are covered with 18 oz. coated vinyl combined (when suitable) with equally durable breather mesh fabric, stitched with Dacron thread and feature conveniently place 2" wide heavy-duty reinforced nylon webbing handles. Snaps and rings are provided on pits.

DESIGN UPDATE: Practice Pits can now be ordered with either Solid Vinyl Top (breather mesh sides and vinyl bottom) OR Breather Mesh Top (solid vinyl sides and bottom). Please specify when ordering.

Finally, all our landing mats and pits are covered by Norbert's one-year warranty.

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