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gf-824-flop.jpgUnlike conventional round tumblers, Norbert's Octagonal Tumblers' flat planes minim­ize rolling. They're excellent for teaching tumbling skills as well as group play activities. 6 sizes from which to choose, including 2 adult-size Jumbo Octagonal Tumblers designed to enable cheerleaders and others to quickly acquire new skills.

Covers are made of extremely durable 18oz vinyl; filler is 70 ILD polyfoam.

Standard colors are as pictured. Custom colors available at no additional cost.

CLICK HERE for an illustration of standard colors and sizes.

Here's a guide for determining the appropriate size. Because each student progresses differently, we strongly suggest you check with the student's coach to find out which size they recommend prior to making a purchase.

15" x 15" x 24" octagon - toddlers only

20" x 20' x 28" octagon - 32" tall to 36" tall (roughly ages 3-5)

25" x 25" x 30" octagon - 36" tall to 43" tall (roughly ages 5-8)

30" x 30" x 32" octagon - 44" tall to 53" tall (roughly ages 8-11)

36" x 36" x 36" octagon - 54" tall to 60" tall 

40" x 40" x 36" octagon - 60" tall and taller 

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