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Beam Dock

beamdockcat.jpgNorbert's Beam Dock/Beam Dock Set adds to the utility of existing Grand Canyon Bar Blocks by enabling coach to easily spot roll-offs and dismounts. Top mat, with cutout for beam, rests on top of blocks to provide a padded surface that is approximately 2" below beam top.

Beam Dock Mat is filled with 1 3/8" crosslink and covered in 18 oz. coated vinyl material. Top mat measures 52" x 72".  6" thick top mat designed to be used with 12cm floor mats and 4" thick top mat designed to be used with 20cm floor mats.
Complete Norbert's Beam Dock Mat Set is available as a set of 5 pieces (Beam Dock Mat, 2 each CB-212 and CB-224): Beam Dock Mat may be ordered separately for use with your existing mats (correct configuration requires 2 each CB-212 & 2 each CB-224 Grand Canyon Bar Block or equivalent).

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