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The Boulder

­boulder-category.jpgThe same company that first developed the Grand Canyon Bar Blocks, Mounting Block, Table Trainer, Vented Springboard Dock and many others now proudly presents the latest--and most effective--tool for teaching back handsprings.

Unlike octagons or other shaped trainers, The Boulder® Handspring Trainer (U.S. Pat. No. 7,789,805) incorporates a unique "single flat side" design ensuring this product:

  •     Stands ready for use and automatically returns to proper position after each use
  •     Properly supports user throughout the full motion
  •     Begins rolling only when user correctly transfers weight
  •     Encourages user to “snap down”
  •     Does not prematurely eject user
  •     Never rolls over or on top of user

Of course, The Boulder® Handspring Trainer is handcrafted with the same attention to detail as all of Norbert's products.­

NEW! Now available in 3 sizes­: 25" Mini (users up to 50" taill) 35" Small (users from 50"-60" tall) and 40" Medium (users from 60" and taller).

Also available: Optional new Boulder Holder with hook and loop fasteners on base to stabilize The Boulder® Trainer, enabling its use as a mini-vault station.

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